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Fatal words and peg legs

Life of Sangrebloom

12 September 1985
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ah well heck!

i was born in the mid 80's yeah totally kick ass of me really.
i was a young booger in the 90's, that's when rock died i hear.
now i'm a chef, of the real type, i'm always asked by my family why don't i don't do "top chef" or hells kitchen and the truth of the matter is while i know i know what i'm doing i don't feel the need to rat race about it. that and some of them are real bitches. i'm a nice person damn it! I'm kinda of an audiofile, I love good music and I'll actually buy albums of artists i like*Even myspace ones*
I like movies on occasion. I like really old ones, harken back the age of black and white or awesome movies like "the Raven". I like writing and sometimes i'll go on a mental ramble.
I feel this website as very...isolated, which makes me feel alone.